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The Feel is a fine-art-focused interior design studio whose visceral approach to shaping space balances the functional with the fanciful.
The Feel approaches each project with a spirit of adventure and inquisitiveness. We draw from our clients’ needs, desires and dreams, as well as our collective imaginations, to create striking spaces that feel sublime. Led by contemporary artists, we execute every project with clarity and care. Communication, collaboration and creativity are the values that drive and enliven us.

 Studio services include: interior design, art advising, and creative consulting.


Emily Mast is an established artist who has staged "choreographed exhibitions" and presented live performances around the world. Her love of color, composition, and the unexpected come through in all that she does. Having lived and worked in Los Angeles for over 15 years, she has collaborated closely with countless architects, designers, artists and artisans, forging long-lasting relationships that emphasize honesty, integrity and fun. She has designed creative office spaces for The Borman Group for the past eight years, and residences for Lyons Design & Build for the past five years. Emily has an MFA from the University of Southern California. She founded The Feel in 2022.





Julia Smith is our newest team member and executive assistant! Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Julia is a performing artist and design enthusiast who has worked in interiors for nearly three years. For her, creating and collaborating with an ensemble is one of the greatest joys in life, whether on or off stage.


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