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December 16, 2023

December 7, 2023

Opening Reception:

Thursday, December 7th

Closing Reception & Pop-Up Shop:

The Feel is delighted to announce the first annual Vessels Variety Show!

A “vessel" is simply defined as a container for holding something, be it a cask, a flask, a bottle, a mug, a mail box, a piggy bank, a pitcher, a pot, a decanter, a demijohn, a jar, a watering can, a wicker basket or a bud vase.  A "variety show" is a production that features many different types of entertainment.

The #VesselsVarietyShow will thus display an array of distinctive works that combine functionality with unabashed novelty.  For the Vessels Variety Show we are inviting local artists, artisans, and designers to submit one-of-a-kind vessels to be displayed and offered for sale at the Feel’s showroom space in early December.  If you would like to submit a piece for consideration, please fill out our form by Sunday, November 13th.

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